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Tools to design, write and publish your own narrative games and interactive stories. This list is subject to change as I go through cool recommendations.

Check References for resources on writing, narrative design, narrative structure, and more.


  • Twine, website (open source tool for writing non-linear stories)

  • Quest, website ('s open source tool for writing non-linear stories)

    • QuestKit, website (open source toolkit for Quest)

    • Squiffy, online tool (Quest's online little brother)

    • ActiveLit, website (Quest's adaptation for teachers, students and group projects)

    •, website (free Quest, Squiffy and ActiveLit hosting and sharing)

  • ChoiceScript, website (Choice of Games script for non-linear stories)

    • Choice of Games' Hosted Games, website (Choice of Games publication of guest material)

  • Do Contract, website (free contract generator for gamedevs, legally sound for North America)


  • Adrift, website (interactive fiction)

  • Another IF Engines List, Google sheet (that's probably all existing engines)

  • Deig, website (engine for dialogue-based 2D adventure games)

  • Inform 7, website (interactive fiction)

  • Inkle Writer, website (book-like non-linear stories)

  • Polyglot Gamedev Project, spreadsheet (free localisation resources)

  •, website (visual novel engine for linear stories)

  • Storyboarder, website (storyboarding software)

  • Storyspace, website (interactive fiction)

  • Texture, website (interactive fiction)


  • CNRTL, website (French lexical dictionaries and metalexical tools) 

  • The Borksheet, spreadsheet (template to write barks) 

  • Die Gute Fabrik, website (dialogue writing workshop with step by step tools)

  • Grammarly, website (English proofreading tool)

  • Merriam-Webster, website (English dictionaries and thesaurus)

  • Scrivener, website (tool to structure and organize writing material)

  • Thesaurus, website (English thesaurus)

  • WordNet, website (English thesaurus)

Feel free to share any cool resource you believe should be added to the list!

If you wish to hire me for a course in writing, narrative design or narrative structure, you can contact me now.

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