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Mobility Theory was developed and published by We Are Social for Renault.

The game is an ARG, or alternate reality game, which ran across the year 2018.

Role: Game designer, Narrative designer, Writer (French)

Main achievement: Coached the untried team to give them both design and storytelling insight

Mission scope: Thematic gameplay, player story anchors, characters and their arcs, enigma cyphering, clue trail and difficulty curve, prepare the project's team for the design and writing of future enigmas as well as the community management of their players

Design core: Create real-world treasure hunts and cross-media puzzles to foster collaboration between players across continents

Writing metrics: Entire script structure

About the story


Laurent Marcovick, a renowned engineer, is gone and neither friends nor family know what happened to him. Willful disappearance or carefully planned abduction? Follow Le Guia, your mischievous guide through this journey, and team up with players across the world to uncover what it means to move towards the future together.

I am Le Guìa and #MoreWillFollow.