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Anno 1800 was developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft.

This city-builder game, part of the Anno IP, was released in April 2019 and reached a Metacritic score of 81.


Role: Narrative designer, Writer (British English, 19th century)

Main achievement: Aligned the storytelling with the gameplay when both were loosely linked

Mission scope: The Expedition feature (choose-your-own-adventure branching format), the Propaganda feature (news tweaking done by the player), collectibles writing

Design core: Dispense a feeling of adventure, exploration and historical accuracy, while staying anchored in the gameplay and providing complete gameplay information if the player reads no more than the first words

Writing metrics: 30+ expeditions, 110+ news headlines and their sublines, 90+ flavor texts for collectibles

About the story


New horizons emerge with the dawn of the industrial age. In this time of trade and inventions, where the working class strengthens and the first world fairs open a window on the wide world, there is only one governing principle: discovery of any kind, at any cost.



Oversea island reaches exquisite reputation.

A telegram from local authorities says: "It is desirable that travelers passing through foreign cities after leaving this place be on their guard against inevitable disappointment."