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Secret Story 11 is a TV show developed by Endemol Shine France and published by TF1.

It is part of the Secret Story IP, airs on national television and boasts a fanbase of 3 million viewers.

Role: Narrative designer, Writer (French)

Main achievement: Designed an archive system which led to a drastic boost in productivity

Mission scope: Puzzle creation, enigma cyphering, dialogue writing, creation of a thematic archive system to compile and reuse the missions and scripts of previous seasons

Design core: Challenges to trigger collaboration and conflict according to various player's profiles while feeding the storytelling needs of the show

Writing metrics (16k words): 30+ enigmas, 10+ game master voice over scripts

About the story


Secret Story is  a reality TV show with gaming components in which the candidates compete to protect their own real-life secrets.

All candidates are cut off from the outside world and live together in a house filled with traps, secret passages and hidden rooms. This place of mystery is ruled by The Voice, an ethereal presence which will challenge the candidates, manipulate them, and expose their true personalities.

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The candidates have to overcome several enigmas which call upon different skills: deductive thinking, spatial awareness, searching, memory, visualization, mathematical ability, physical ability, general knowledge.

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The house they live in includes a collection of secret passages and false dead-ends which constitute new enigmas and provide different layers of interpretation for the same puzzles.

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Aside of enigmas and trials that the candidates must overcome collectively, they must also complete solo challenges based on manipulation, psychological warfare, infiltration and stealth.