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Do you have a project in concept phase that needs smoother design intentions?

A story with queer characters who need to be fleshed out?

A burning beta in need of narrative fireproofing?

I offer consulting services in:

  • Concept evaluation and evangelization

  • Queer/ LGBTQIA+ representation, team diversity and inclusion

  • Script and design doctoring

My interventions can range from a simple consulting call after an in-depth review of your documentation and/ or project, to a weeks-long strategic analysis of its components and coherence, with possible training of your team tailored to fit your needs.

If you're a publisher, I can help you evaluate the potential and risks of collaborations :)

Content Production


Are you looking for a narrative designer with a focus on player story and IP branding?
A writer with an acute sense and personal experience of queer identity?

A narrative lead trained across several projects, teams, and industries?

I offer production services in:

  • Narrative design, from early concept to final production

  • Story, lore, and content writing (French and English)

  • Narrative management and evangelization

My interventions can range from a short conception mission to months-long investment at your side to design and build narrative content or teams. I enjoy jumping from one concept to the next and can adapt to challenges and constraints both great and small.

I'm especially good at convincing your clients of how great your project is!

Onsite & Remote


I usually work from home (with high speed fiber), and can intervene onsite if it suits your needs - for emergency missions or missions that last more than two weeks, I recommend getting me onsite if you can. There's no additional cost :)

Being directly involved with the team is usually the best way to understand what you want to make and how to best fit your vision, so meeting you in person is always a good thing before kick-starting a mission. Covid times being what they are, I can also hold the fort from a distance and a decent amount of video calls.

Note that I have prosopamnesia (impaired ability to recognize faces), so weird who-are-you-again moments might happen but they're quite fun.

We'll discuss what works best for you!

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