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You need a theory


Welcome to the slightly less tabulated part of my website. I appreciate you took the time to come here.

On this blog, you will find reviews of books and conferences and other educational material, as well as my thoughts on matters related to writing and narrative design.

Theoretical matters, of course. Theory is a must have for any practitioner and if you have any intention to be better at your craft, it is as important as practice. Theory prevents baby otters from drifting at sea during the night and newborn writers from creating that first-person story where you realize at the end that the protagonist had been a vegetable all along.

Regarding reviews. Because I'm a person with an uncanny passion for organization and justified texts, I'll go through my list of references in alphabetical order, one category at a time, once per week*. Meaning that the first reviews will be Creativity, Inc., then 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing, then Game Writing, etc., until an Amazon order gets delayed and I have to skip a book, breaking down this rational system into an illogical mess that will be as unnerving as it will be liberating.

Can't wait.

I hope you'll have a lovely time reading. If you're not sure where to start, here is a suggestion:

Seek failure and be wrong as fast as you can: Creativity, Inc.​

*One article per week unless I need to sleep (yay freelancing).

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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