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Slag, the Biggerlin King © Hanakai Studio

Prodigy is a video game developed by Hanakai Studio and published by Forever Entertainment.

It replaces classical controllers with physical NFC figurines and was released in 2017.

Role: Producer, Writer (American English)

Main achievement: Orchestrated the game's successful Kickstarter campaign

Mission scope: Storyline, characters and their arcs, chronology, religions, geography, geopolitics, magic, lore, character and lore guides for other team members, community management and live storytelling events, narrative design anchors

Writing metrics (200k+ words): 20+ character profiles and backstories, 30+ story-linked community posts, story and lore bibles

About the story


Prodigy is set in a fantasy universe where magic is dying out. Most races rely on this energy to exist and the sudden scarcity sparked massive wars over its remains. Factions have formed around beings of magic and those deprived of it. A fragile standstill now exists between the powerful and the many.

From both sides, heroes are rising. Children of the powerless and scorned humans, they possess a magic long forgotten, one which could save all magical races - or forever destroy them.

While Slag grew huge and fat and started to develop the exceptional physical resistance of biggerlins, Crag remained small. Smaller than meagerlins. Smaller than a pile of pebbles.