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Vampyr is a video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Focus Home Interactive.

It was released in June 2018 on PS4, XOne and PC.

Role: Writer (British English)

Main achievement: entwined gameplay indicators with storytelling and historical flavor

Mission scope: character flavor profiles (as perceived by the main character), branching newspaper articles reflecting the influence of the player on character microcosms and the evolution of the city, historical guide

Design core: all texts reflected the consequences of the player's actions, especially crimes

Writing metrics (18k words): 60+ flavored character profiles, 10+ newspaper articles, one comprehensive guide to 19th-20th-century written correspondence

About the story


Vampyr is set in a London devastated by the Spanish Flu and the aftermath of World War I. In a city where hope is but a memory, new predators have risen to prey upon the weak: vampires.

The player controls a newly awoken monster, former doctor, and will explore London while sowing death or salvation in their path - sealing the fate of the capital through sinister decisions.