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Alfred Premium is a chatbot documentary developed by Arte Studio and published by Arte France.

It was released in February 2019 on web and Messenger.


I was responsible for the story, narrative design and branching writing of the project in its initial stages and

created tools and tropes to define the player's experience and the personality of the bot they meet.

Role: Narrative designer, Writer (French)

Main achievement: injected narrative design in the information-driven format of a documentary

Mission scope: game design and documentation, player story anchors, characters and their arcs, branching script writing

Design core: provide the player with the growing sense that their life as a customer is deeply manipulated and mirror this in their interactions with the chatbot's characters

Writing metrics (24k words): entire script (structure and dialogues)

About the story


Alfred Premium is a bot designed to make your life easier. Groceries? Subscriptions? Rent? Friends and family? He has you covered. Pay the price of your personal data and discover the secrets of e-shopping and the future of consumerism as we shape it.

J'apprécie votre incompétence.

(I appreciate your ineptitude.)